Mission Statement

The purpose of this community of Christian believers shall be the advancement of the church of Jesus Christ through worship, study of the Bible, fellowship, stewardship of talent, time and treasure, evangelical witness, and mission to the community and to the world.

Church Staff

Senior Pastor : Rev. Dr. David Lee

Minister of Music : Mike Robertson

Pianist: Judith Reeder

Church Secretary : Rita Siglin 

Church Officers

Moderator – Keith Jones

Church Clerk – Candi Kolteryahn

Treasurer – Cheryl Matlock

Financial Secretary – Steve Bingaman

Accounting Secretary – Jim Hayes

Church History

September 1920, Kendall Baptist Church Was organized. It was previously known as Mission No. 1 of Immanuel Baptist Church. There were 33 charter members. From May until August 1921, Kendall Baptist Church held their services at Kendall School. During this period, property was acquired at 6th and Columbia and construction of a basement church began. In 1927 services were held in the new basement church facility.

The Kendall congregation voted to change their name to University Baptist Church in 1934 upon completion of an auditorium over the basement church. In 1938 an education unit was added to the church building. The church divided over the issues of open communion and alien immersion in 1952.

In 1956 the church left the Southern Baptist Convention, joining the American Baptist Convention. In September 1968, the University Baptist Church voted to relocate to southeast Tulsa. Five acres of land were purchased at 29th and south Garnett Road. On Easter Sunday, 1971, the University Baptist Church became The Community Baptist.

In 1971 the church property at 6th and Columbia was sold and services were temporarily held at Disney Elementary with office space and meeting areas at Briar Village Shopping Center. In September 1972 the first service was held in the new building of Community Baptist Church. In September 1981 the new education wing of Community Baptist was dedicated.

On Sunday, October 5, 2008, a Dedication Service was held for the newly remodeled Sanctuary.


The membership of this church shall consist of those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Master, have been baptized in His name, have committed themselves to the distinctive polity and practice of the Baptists, and have evidenced a desire to share in the unique ministry of this church.

Becoming a Candidate

Those wishing to become members of the church must make their intent known by responding to the invitation during a regular worship service. Candidates for membership shall complete a membership orientation class conducted under the direction of the Pastor or the Pastor’s designee.

A person seeking to become a member of the church may become a candidate for membership in the following ways:

By Profession of Faith and Baptism

Any person may become a candidate for membership by the public profession of faith to be followed by believer’s baptism. It is understood that immersion is the only form of baptism practiced by this church.

By Transfer of Membership

A person previously baptized as a believer may become a candidate for membership by the promise of a letter of transfer from any other Christian church. Those candidates not previously baptized by immersion will be encouraged, but not required, to be baptized by immersion.

By Statement of Christian Experience

If by any reason of peculiar circumstances a person who has been baptized as a believer and has had previous church membership cannot provide a letter of transfer that person may become a candidate by relating his/her Christian experience.

Covenant of Membership

As members of Community Baptist Church we covenant ourselves to:

1. Participate regularly in worship, Christian education, and congregational meetings.

2. Maintain close relationships within the congregation for fellowship, personal support, nurture and accountability.

3. Support, confront and forgive each other.

4. Incorporate children of all ages in our worship, education and recreation.

5. Discern and respond to spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of those within and outside our congregation.

6. Grow in faith through prayer and study of the scriptures.

7. Exercise responsible stewardship of our time, talents, and money.

8. Individually seek positions of service and leadership in the organizational structure of Community Baptist Church.

9. Practice peacemaking and refrain from gossip.

10. Invite and welcome others to share in the life of our church.

11. Strive to fulfill our discipleship through a life of faithfulness to Jesus Christ in the world adhering to the Ten?Commandments and the teachings of the New Testament.

12. Renew our covenant annually as a congregation.